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Roll No. 20381D
Monkstown Grove, Monkstown Avenue, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.
The Red Door School
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School Policies and Procedues

Please find below downloadable copies of our school Policies and Procedures. All School Policies are subject to regular review and once updated and ratified by the Board of Management will be uploaded to the school website.

Curricular School Plan:
School Plan documents are working documents under continuous review and development within each school year and differentiated accordingly by each class teacher to suit their individual class. They provide a framework to a Whole School Approach ensuring pupils cover and acess the full extent of the curriculum in each school year.

The Red Door School Vision & Mission Statement - including SSE School Improvement Plan
School Improvement Plan - Digital Learning Plan 2021-2022

The Individual Education Plan
In addition to classroom planning each pupil will have an Individual Education Plan with specific priority learning needs and targets identified only for those areas where the child is experiencing difficulty.
The IEP outlines the specific additional interventions and supports which the child receives.
The number of priority learning needs will relate to the particular child, the degree of need and the seriousness of those needs.
It is important to concentrate on a realistic number of the child’s most serious needs
Targets arise when the student needs something additional or extra; they are not written to cover areas where the student is able to access the curriculum ordinarily available.
For some children this will mean a concentration on literacy skills, for another, the focus may be on the area of personal and social competence. Some children may need targets in a range of areas.

School Opening Hours: 9:20 - 15:00 (Infants finish at 2pm)

Department of Education and Skills Roll No: 20381D   
Registered Charity Number: 20140045
Patron: Autism Ireland

Chairperson: Fiona Mc Loughlin
Principal: Adeline Wall
Deputy Principal: Conan Byrne
Receptionist: Cliana Smyth


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