Autism in the Media

We are re-building our list of recent articles and programs that have appeared in the Irish media that you might not have seen. You can click on the link to access the original item as it was published or broadcast.

Let us know if you have come across a specific item that you think should be listed below.

Autism ChannelHave you seen the new Autism Channel on the web? Special interest programs appear on Sky TV (at 4:30pm Mondays - Sky TV 166, FreeSat 402). This on-line service is an extension of The Autism File - the specialist magazine which has a host of fantastic articles about diet, medicine, education and all things autism. A must read.




Source  Date & Link  Headline
Irish Times 22/09/2015 How dogs can help children with autism
Irish Examiner 18/08/2015 Autism in girls can lie hidden 
Irish Times  06/07/2015 School brings High Court challenge to ruling on autistic boy
Irish Times  29/05/2015  Linda & Jake: a single mother, her teenage son and autism

CBS NewsTwo older little news gems 

1. Basketball hero ...

Thanks to ABA Ireland for bringing this gem of a story to our attention. It's a 2-minute feel-good story ... Check it out here! This video may cause some viewers severe smile muscle-ache and/or reach for their Kleenex.

2. An "unknown" Golf Legend ...

Moe Norman is a legend amongst top golf professionals - but how many of us know him? Moe died in 2004, but he was a unique pro golfer, with a radically different golf swing, one who shot four rounds of 59 in his career, and won dozens of events in Canada - but perhaps due to his autistic behaviours, he never made in on the American golf tour. Check out this web-site for an insight into a man with a special talent