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LinksThere are many, many relevant web-sites for those in the autism community. It can be hard to distinguish those whose contents are objective from those whose information is based on a pre-determined point of view.

NOTE: Some of these links may become invalid due to changes in the target website.

We hope we have described each of those listed below accurately. We offer the following links as sources of information and opinion:

Applied Behaviour Analysis
The Association for Behaviour Analysis International membership organisation for behaviour analysts
Behaviour Analyst Certification Board Accepted regulator for the professionals
Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis Research Publication   
Organisation for Autism Research Renowned source of applied research information 
European Association for Behaviour Analysis European membership organisation for behaviour analysts
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies  Evidence-based applications of behavioural science 
Psychological Society of Ireland  Professional body in Ireland   
ABA Ireland   Facebook discussion group 
PEAT NI  Parent-led ABA charity in Northern Ireland 
Irish Information on Autism
Irish Autism Action National Charity in Ireland 
Irish Society for Autism Original national charity in Ireland 
Autism Ireland Schools Patron Body of Special Schools for Children with Autism 
Autism NI Northern Ireland Autism Charity 
Aspire  Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland 
Hope Project  Cork-based support and services 
ABA Schools Forum Information on the changes in Irish ABA Schools in 2010
Irish Information - Other Sources
Association of Occupational Therapists Irish organisation for the OT profession 
Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists  Irish organisation for the SLT profession 
Special Needs Parents Association  
RollerCoaster Web-based parenting info and discussion forum 
RainChild Network Information re NorthWest Ireland 
Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute  Representative body for dietitians 
Autism Initiatives NI Service provider in Northern Ireland 
Coeliac Society of Ireland  
The Wheel  Support Organisation for voluntary sector 
Dyspraxia Association of Ireland   
Irish Government & State Bodies 
for full list, click here 
Citizens Information State Information service re. Entitlements, Rights & Benefits 
Department of Education State Department 
National Council for Special Education State Agency re. Delivery of education for special needs  
Special Education Support Service A section within the Dept of Education
Middletown Centre of Excellence North-South Joint Project 
Revenue Commissioners Tax information and tax refund claims 
Department of Social Protection State benefits re. Family, Disability and Caring 
News, Views & Opinion
Irish Examiner Newspaper Articles relating to autism 
Irish Times Newspaper  
BBC News on autism matters  
Left Brain Right Brain Opinionated Autism News & Views sceptical of the biomedical lobby
The Huffington Post The Internet Newspaper with syndicated columnists
Age of Autism  Daily web newspaper re epidemic 
Periodicals & Books
The Autism File Quarterly UK Magazine - excellent!
Changing the Course of Autism Book by Dr. Bryan Jepson - recommended!
Organisations outside of Ireland
ASAT: Association for Science in Autism Treatment Scientific information on autism and treatments 
Autism Speaks US autism science and advocacy organisation 
Autism Research Institute Biomedical and DAN web-site
Defeat Autism Now DAN Now re-named "ARI Conferences"
The Eden II and Genesis Program New York Centre of Excellence 
The Elija School New York ABA School 
National Autistic Society UK Charity for the autism community 
Autism Society of America US national organisation
National Autism Association US national organisation
The Lovaas Institute Institute founded by Dr. Ivor Lovaas
Treehouse UK charity for autism education
AutismOne Parent-formed American support organisation
TACA Talk About Curing Autism  Parent-formed American support organisation
Treating Autism Parent-formed UK biomedical support organisation
SafeMinds US organisation relating to Mercury issue
Autism Speaks "100 Day Kit"
 Critical information for newly-diagnosed families
Autism Speaks Dental Guide
 Video to help oral hygiene
Products & Services

Different Roads to Learning A source of ABA books and resources
Great Plains Laboratory Provider of biomedical tests, based in Kansas, USA


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